Please Give

Please make a tax deductible gift to the Music For The People programs.

Your generous gift will directly support our community of students, teaching artists, staff as well as create a positive change that will reach far beyond the work that we are doing today.

Since founding the Music For The People programs we have serviced 16-20 music students at Bailey's Cafe Brooklyn, more than 200 children in Harlem and the Bronx through We Love Jazz programs  and we have formed an exciting new collaboration with PreSchool Rock, directed by Chanon Judson.

We are grateful for in-kind donations from K & S Music Inc. for the wonderful instrument rentals. To Bailey's Cafe, thank you for providing the beautiful center for our Brooklyn location. We have been featured in the Brooklyn Reader thanks to Stefanie Siegel director of Bailey's Cafe Brooklyn.

We are infinitely grateful to all our incredible teaching artists. Thank you to our enthusiastic students, generous donors, in-kind donations, supportive advisors, and loving family and friends. Your energy and connection breathes life into our work.

Please help us. We would like to provide affordable workshops for seniors. We would like to bring We Love Jazz to prison systems and Rainbowlab to preschool programs. Overall we would like to expand our  music instruction and art programs for deserving communities.

Your invaluable contributions will help us provide scholarships and instruments to deserving students that would like to study music with our professional teaching artist, but can't afford to do so.

 It is our goal to bring the community together  teaching artists, international artist, community members, in an intimate environment to provide top notch music instruction, art and art activities, in turn creating positive outlets for creative minds.

We Are Seeking;

Admin Support - Contribute or Volunteer

Marketing Support- Contribute or Volunteer

Supplies- Contribute or Donate (small chairs, rhythm instruments, instruments: keyboards, drum kit, bass, small parachute, music stands, music (used okay), carpet, small p.a.system, amps)

Space - Contribute, Donate or Rental. (We would like to expand our program. We are seeking spaces to give focused, private instruction and seasonal workshops.)

Teaching Artists- Committed to Working in the Music For The People environment. Assist us with developing our student base.

The Music For The People program is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Music For The People must be payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Please  Make  check made out to Fractured Atlas to the following address:

Music For The People

Attn: Nioka Workman

P.O. Box 20436

New York, New York 10025

 Thank You.