• Spring/Summer 2017

    Get ready for an exciting summer at Bailey's Cafe!

    Shed! - In this ensemble workshop students will study Classical music of composers; Bach, Mozart, Haydn and read through Jazz arrangements of icons; Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Wayne Shorter. This workshop will focus on ensemble playing, music techniques and beginning improvisation for beginning and intermediate players. All instruments and all ages are welcome.

    Sessions 8- Improvising players will read, study and network. Jazz Theory, new techniques, technical skills and new composition are part of this Firey Strings Company's yearly community intitiative. FSCO is in residence at Bailey's Cafe Brooklyn. All ages welcome. Please visit for more information.


    Dates to Remember

    April 15-Spring Registration

    May 1-First Day of Classes

    May 28- Memorial Day

    June 18- Father's Day

    June 25- Fiesta!

    July 2- Last Day

    August 28- Fall Registration

    September 9- First Day of Classes