Class Descriptions


Intro to Music

Learn about music in an informal setting. Play rhythm instruments, listen to musical samples, learn about musical elements and more. The Intro to music classes are great for students who have had no prior experience with music.


A music and movement exploration that immerses children in learning the basic elements of music. The ‘lab involves children in listening exercises, singing folk, traditional songs and exploring various sounds on early music instruments. Children are encouraged to feel music through movement and the use of the voice. Kodayl and Dalcrose philosophies are incorporated into the Rainbowlab. Musical games that concentrate on rhythm, intervals and harmony engage children in ‘play’, learning about beginning elements of music. Rainbowlab is an introduction to music that allows each child to experience music in their own way, at their own pace.

Everything You ‘ve Wanted To Know About Music

An introductory music course designed to quickly and easily develop an understanding of music. Basic music principles of melody, harmony, rhythm and notation are taught in a way that encourages students to apply their skills to performance. Historical facts, knowledge about composers and introduction to various musical styles creates a foundation for playing and appreciating music.

Instrumental Music Instruction

Our teaching artist are internationally known musicians and professional music educators that provide a focused, supportive, and wellrounded musical education for every age and ability level. Students are matched with a teacher following a placement interview with the Music for the People director, taking into account playing level, personality, and schedule.

We offer instruction in  the following instruments,

● Guitar● Piano● Voice● Violin● Viola● Cello● Bass● Flute● Clarinet● Bassoon● Trumpet● Trombone● Drum Set● Percussion

Group Class

Students explore instruments in a social setting . The group class instructor will teach the parts of the instrument, positioning and form. Students will work on sight reading, and review of musical techniques. It is suggested that the student also enroll in a weekly 1 hour private lesson. Each student will be invited to participate in the Music for the People Neighborhood Concerts.

Private Lesson

Private lessons are the foundation of a musical education, providing the concentrated work and individual attention needed to develop a student’s skills and enthusiasm. Private lesson includes a weekly 30 min, 45min or 60 min lesson and free opportunities to participate in Music for the People Neighborhood Concerts.


This class examines the principles of melody, harmony, rhythm and notation. Students will learn how to apply their skills to performance and creating a foundation for playing and reading music.

The Suzuki Suites

The Suzuki Suite is a special program for young children interested in studying the violin, viola and cello. Suzuki training strengthens the cooperative relationship between teacher, parent, guardian and student. Parents take an active role in the educational process by attending all lessons and classes, and by practicing daily with their children at home. Each student will receive a private lesson, group class and parent class as part of the suite. To enroll in The Suzuki Suites program, families should follow this three step process:

● Attend a free Suzuki Seminar (for parents only).

● Enroll in a Music & Movement Class.

●Enroll in a Parent Group Class. 

Professional Music Division

The Professional Music Division is for the music student, semi professional or artist returning back to music that is seeking to advance their musical studies. An Interview by the Music For the People director is required. Special permission to attend the Professional Music Division is required for students under age 18 .


Our workshops are seasonal. Please check our news page for the latest listing. Workshops are tailored for various student populations upon request.

Music for the People Concerts & Festivals

Our outreach programs include activities that involve opportunities for the the community to share and interact in fun way.

● Neighborhood Concert Series- music, art, storytelling and more. Students, Professionals and commuity musicians are all welcome to perform. The Neighborhood Concert Series is a free concert series for the community.



Music for the People is seeking interns who are interested in growing with our program. Must be responsible, creative and think fast on your feet. People that are interested in studying and being around music and musicians of all ages are welcome. Knowledge of music a +. We need assistance with administrative tasks, logistics, setup, attendance.